Monday, October 15, 2018


(Non-Refundable) Half Payment before I begin

Character + Background  (if desired) = Price

Paypal only
No mature themes
No cars, robots, or machines
Additional details may require additional fee.

Low resolution examples available by request

After payment, the art is yours to do what you will; if re-posting please link back to

As the artist, I also have the right to do as I will with the image (examples on sheets, posted on my websites, etc) unless specific agreements have been made

-(1) Lineart: $30
-(1) Flat Color: $40
-(1) Full Color Character: $65
Extra (Painted) Characters: $30
(Up to 3 characters in an image)

Clothes and Weaponry per character:
1 shirt, 1 jacket, 1 belt, 1 trousers (or dress), 2 boots, 2 blades or guns
After that; $5 for each extra

Simple Background: $30
Complex Background: $45

Items without characters: Negotiable

Are you ready to order a drawing? Contact me at with the title "Commission" and we'll chat!